Monday, September 24, 2012

Mooney Farms, Bella Sun Luci Review!

Monday, September 24, 2012
I recently contacted Mooney Farms, of California to see if they would like to be a part of the Fall Festival Harvest Hop I am participating in during October.   They generously agreed and sent me a wide variety of products to try. 

'Mooney Farms began in 1987 as a family owned kiwi farming operation. Products were sold at the farmer’s markets in Northern California by the family members. With the addition of sun dried tomatoes, their first sale to Price Club South San Francisco changed everything. The family’s Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil & Herbs sold out in a record 4 hours! Sun dried tomatoes had become mainstream and the Mooney Family had the winning recipe!

In 1994, Mooney Farms moved to a larger facility located in Chico, California to meet the growing demand for their products. Recently remodeled and expanded, the 100,000 square foot facility reflects their family’s rich history of the Mediterranean with 200 year old olive trees planted among the rows of lavender and rosemary'.

I received Sun Dried tomatoes with whole pine nuts, with Italian herbs and Julianne cut with Italian herbs.  They also sent me sun dried tomato bruschetta and two packages of sun dried tomatoes seasoned with Italian Basil and Sun Dried Tomatoes seasoned with zesty peppers. 

The packaged, seasoned sun dried tomatoes were excellent!  Besides the Italian Basil and Zesty Peppers, there is also a seasoned Greek Oregano variety.  These go great over salad, pasta or even a snack.  Yes, even snack.  The zesty pepper seasoned sun dried tomatoes sure had an added punch, but, I really like things spicy.  Boy did they lived up to the zesty pepper seasoning claim!   I added them to my salads.  They are salt and fat free and really moist.  I liked the fact that the bags are resealable, so the tomatoes stayed nice and fresh.   They are also packed with Lycopene. 

My husband and I devoured the jar of Bruschetta with Italian basil, sun dried tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil for dinner one night.  We had some bread, spread a little cheese on top of the bread, then topped with the brushetta and mmmmm a really good, satisfying dinner.   My in laws had introduced me to brushetta a couple of years ago, and I have tried several different kinds, but, this was by far the best tasting that I have had. 

We have since tried the Tomato Pesto sauce with whole pine nuts in a really good recipe found on the jar.  You can also try out the many, many recipes that are available on their website HERE

Mooney Farms offers all their products for sale on their website HERE.  They are also offering one lucky reader their own products from Bella Sun Luci, selected by the company.   Make sure to check back here, Couponing From Florida to Michigan, October 1 for your chance to win!