Monday, April 1, 2013

Dress United Hooded Sweatshirt Review!

Monday, April 1, 2013
After working with Printcopia on my beautiful canvas photo,  and Signs on the Cheap for my awesome business signs, I was offered an opportunity to work with their new sister company, Dress United.  I, of course, could not pass this opportunity up!  I have had two wonderful experiences with both Signs on the Cheap and Printcopia.  I am also always eager to try out a new product and I had the added bonus of matching this with my great signs!  

Recently,  BuildASign and EasyCanvasPrints launched a new custom t-shirt site where you can design shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts any way you like. 

Remember my sign from Signs on the Cheap?  (see below)

Well, I was able to design a great hoodie that matched!  The site was so easy to navigate around and very easy to design both the front and back.  I added wording and an image to the back and just wording to the front. 

The shipping was very prompt, and the packaging was great, minimal, yet protective.  I was so excited to see the finished product, but, I did wait till the hubby came home so, he could unwrap it with me.  (He is my model below too) 

I absolutely love the hoodie!  It has been quite cold here lately and I have stayed very warm and snug with my hoodie on.  The inside is soft, yet comfortable.  The fit is great for me to have just enough room for a tee shirt underneath, so that when this Florida weather warms up, I can peel a layer off. 

I think I was most impressed with the outside material.  I have a dog that sheds its hair similar to a snow storm and loves to jump.  The first morning with the hoodie on, the dog, of course, jumped up on me.  I noticed that there was very minimal hair that was stuck to the hoodie and what there was, was easily brushed off.  Often times, I need a link brush to get the hair off clothing. 

The design came exactly as ordered.  I have washed the hoodie a couple of times now and the design is firmly in place and I have not noticed a bit of fading.  This is a great hoodie.  I have had so many compliments on it and I have been asked often where I purchased it from. 

The finished product!!

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