Thursday, November 1, 2012

See 'n Store Multi Media Stroller Organizer Review!

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to review a See 'n Store, by Baby-Bee Haven!  The See 'n Store is a Multi Media Stroller Organizer and boy did it sure come in handy!

'Whether you're running errands or waiting in line, sometimes mom needs to keep baby entertained on the go. Finally there's a stroller organizer that does it all, featuring multi-media storage as well as room for all your must-haves!'

The See 'n Store is such a  handy device for the stroller, and you would be surprised at just how much it holds!  There are actually 5 storage pockets plus the multi media holder.  It was nice to have a place for my keys, phone, an extra diaper, juice and small pack of wipes.  I was able to give my pockets and purse a little relief.

The See 'n Store attaches very easily to the top of the stroller and stays snug in place.  I was a bit worried about the See 'n Store drooping, but, it did not, and it was really nice to be able to entertain our little one with technology, by placing the tablet in a great viewing area.  I love it! 

Right now, Baby Bee Haven has a great special going on; if you order 2 or more items, you will receive FREE shipping!  Think Christmas....this would be an awesome present for the new mom. 

Check out all their items HERE on the Baby Bee Haven website and also stop by HERE on Facebook, as you may run across a fan only giveaway.  :)  Hint:  the next giveaway is when they reach 2000 fans!


Priscilla Benavides

What an awesome stroller organizer, I can imagine me using this to organize all the necessities a mom need when traveling with baby!