Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee Review

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I recently had the opportunity to try Green Mountain coffee that is Fair Trade Certified.  (By the way, October is Fair Trade Month, a little something I didn't know.)

What is Fair Trade Certified?  I had to research a little and find out for myself. 

Fair Trade began modestly in the 1940s when a few small North American and European organizations reached out to poverty stricken communities to help them sell their handicrafts to well-off markets. Later, a fictional Dutch character, Max Havelaar, was developed as an advocate for exploited coffee pickers. Today, Fair Trade is a global effort. Consumers can enliven developing countries, relieve exploitation and promote environmental sustainability by purchasing Fair Trade-labeled tea, cocoa, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, sugar, honey, wine, flowers, grains and rubber products.

Fair trade helps farmers get a fair price for their beans, improves working conditions, assists in protecting the environment and supports community development with projects resulting in new schools, roads, health clinics and safer drinking water.

I received a 4 pack of coffee from Green Mountain.  It was packaged specifically for my Keurig.  There were 4 wonderful varieties in the package:  Extra Bold; Sumatran Reserve,  Vermont Country Blend, Wild Mountain Blueberry and Colombian Fair Trade Select.  Each morning I chose a different flavor to enjoy.  The aroma of all 4 was amazing, and the taste of the coffee was even better.  I believe that my favorite is the Sumatran Reserve.  They have so many, many more flavors to choose from.

At Green Mountain:  We believe in using the power of business to make the world a better place. Each step on the long road from tree to cup gives us an opportunity to create better coffee, and a better world. From carefully sourcing and roasting the highest quality beans, to empowering employees and protecting the environment, we focus on what's important. Our goal is to create truly inspired coffee that's environmentally sound, socially just, and undeniably delicious.

You can find Green Mountain Coffee at most grocery stores, including Target and Walmart, or online at and

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Also, be sure to check out Green Mountain Coffee's Facebook page to see videos, and have a chance at coupons, samples and giveaways. 

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