Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dali Decal's Review

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
I recently had the opportunity to not only review Dali Decals Wonderful Decals, but, I was invited to tour their facility, here, in Jacksonville, Florida.  Who and what is Dali Decals?

Dali, which is a combination of the owners names, David and Alicia, "design and manufacture cut vinyl decals, as well as large format printed graphics!  They are a small business turned big!  In late 2006, Alicia met David through mutual friends in their local sportbike group. By fluke, they began making decals for their sportbikes and for their friends’ bikes a couple months later. Alicia often jokes that their relationship started the same time the business did.

Unofficially founded in early 2007 under the name Badass Custom Decals, David and Alicia watched in amazement as their little sticker hobby quickly grew into a BIG sticker hobby! Just over a year later, in 2008, David and Alicia decided to combine both of their first names to form DALI, and Dali Decals was officially born!"

Stepping into the office, I first noticed a beautiful mosaic pattern on the wall and later learned that was actually an amazing decal!   Dali Decals is primarily divided into two sections, a printed side and a cut side. 

The 'printed side' is the most common forms of decals with over 80 colors to choose from.  Sometimes, they produce up to 300 different decal orders a day!  The decals are actually cut out of large sheets of a solid color from a cutting machine, and for fun and probably organization,  all the machines at Dali Decals are named after transformers, which is really cool.  After the decals are cut out, they are then 'pealed' by hand, or rather, the excess wasted space is removed and then the decal is moved to a transfer station, checked and triple checked for correctness and then placed in a triangle to be shipped.  They always include the decal, instructions, a practice decal and a squeegee. 

They have so many different designs to choose from, and, if you want something a little or a lot different than they offer, they will customize your decal for you!

(above photo from Dali Decals site)

The 'cut side' of Dali is an area which performs very unique work.  The 'cut side' is able to design and produce canvas', metallic printings, magnets, fliers, designs on poker chips, floor mats, ceiling tiles, mosaics and on and on.  The limitations are only in the imaginations of the workers. 

The pictures are in our own living room with some of the Dali Decals.  They were really easy to install too, and the decals made such a difference in the overall appearance in our room!   I will soon decide which room and decals to decorate next.

Dali Decals is a customer service, attention-to-detail oriented facility with lots of fun added into everyday.  The staff is gracious and friendly, and go above and beyond.   I can not thank them enough for the information, tour, and decals they provided.

The ideas, plans and possibilities into the future of Dali is endless as they continue to grow and grow.

Would you like to choose your own Dali Decal?  Right now you can 'hop' over HERE to enter my giveaway on the Fall Harvest Halloween Hop, which includes a $25.00 GC to Dali Decals!



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