Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flash giveaway: MILK! (one week only!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
I have a great giveaway to offer you all!  It's MILK!  Who doesn't like or drink milk?  No one I can think of.  At our house, when all the kids are home, our milk bill is outrageous!    Kids can sure drink a lot of milk, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since it is so good for them.

It’s back to school time which means car pools, soccer practice, recitals and maybe a little time for mom thrown in for good measure. Having an on-the-go lifestyle can be challenging to say the least and Milk Unleashed is here to help!
With handy single-serving shelf safe milk there’s no need to ever run out! You can take it anywhere at anytime! Milk Unleashed goes wherever your family goes, whether it’s a lunchbox, a cooler, purse or a diaper bag!
Milk Unleashed wants to give you and your family four cartons of shelf safe milk!  Yippie!

I had always been a little weary of stable shelf milk until I  tried it really liked it.  The taste and texture was delicious, and I am a milk person.   However, usually when you think of milk, you think of ice cold deliciousness. Shelf Staple milk comes in the different flavors, like regular and chocolate milk and it comes in whole milk, 2% and fat free.  It is really convenient, especially if your electricity went out, like it often does here in Florida with the hurrican weather and storms.  It is also handy if you simply run out of milk late at night, and really don't want to go to the store.


Milk Unleashed has a new App, you can check it out HERE or you can just click on the banner above to get started and learn all the cool features like:

  • On-The-Go Games and Tips! Even cruising down the freeway can be an adventure! With these fun games and tips you can have some family time even when you are out on the road!
  • On-The-Go Snacks! Have you ever wanted to try the world’s best smoothie? Well Milk Unleashed is here to make all your dreams come true! Find out the best snacks to grab that will make your next outing even more thrilling!

    Would you like to win some milk for your family?  Simply enter on the Rafflecopter form below and good luck... but hurry, this is a flash giveaway and only around for a week. 

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    we are ready freddy family!


    i like the cupboard cleaning trail mix activity