Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sportline Pedometer and Cardio 630 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Review!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Recently, Sportline sent me both the Cardio 630 Coded Heart Rate Monitor and their digital motion sensor Pedometer to review.  Trying these out made me realize I am not walking nearly enough each day, and I really need to get my HR more in check.  After all, I am not getting any younger!

The Cardio 630 ($49.99, available in men’s and women’s styles) is one ofSportline’s easiest to use heart rate monitors. It's designed for ease of use during your workout and beyond. It's suitable for variety of different exercises from running to spinning, and cycling and step. The Cardio 630 provides an ECG accurate heart rate measurement via the included heart rate (HR) monitor chest strap. The HR readouts include an HR Percent Max Indicator and a standard HR zone display to keep you on target with your fitness goals. Additional sport friendly features include a Calorie Burn Tracker and a Chronograph. 

The Cardio 630 is also a watch with awesome capabilities that include 12/24 hour setting options, dual-time, a calendar, and an optional hourly chime.   This is really built to last, as the Cardio 630 is water resistant all the way down to 50 meters and carries a five year warranty from Sportline!  (I personally didn't test the 50 meters depth  lol)  

The Cardio 630 was very comfortable to wear and easy to use.  Besides my walking exercise, it is also great for running (I will get there) cycling, spinning, aerobics, fitness dance and nearly any other fitness program!

From Sportline website:  Clip it anywhere or slide it into your pocket. The new Qlip pedometer, powered by the Infiniti Motion Sensor, will accurately track your steps, distance-traveled and calories-burned in any orientation and from just about anywhere on your body. It's the perfect training companion; small, smart and handsome.

It was really amazing to see how far I did walk and to see how far I didn't.  Often times, I thought I had gone much farther than I did, but, the pedometer doesn't lie, and it is really keeping me in check with my walking!  

Check out their website HERE for all their products, and make sure to enter the Back to School Blog Hop, where in my giveaway, Sportline has generously provided, for one lucky reader both a pedometer and a Cardio Coded Heart Rate Monitor!  Enter HERE for your chance to win!