Monday, July 23, 2012

Soda Stream Review!

Monday, July 23, 2012
When I first started blogging, nearly two years ago, I spent a lot of time reading and learning from other blogs and bloggers.  One thing that caught my eye was an item called the Sodastream.  I said to myself, what a great item to be able to have the opportunity to review.  I though I hope one day, I am that big of a blogger. 

Reviewing the SodaStream was a blogging goal of mine for the last couple of years, and now I have had the chance to review my very own SodaStream! 

When it first arrived, I was so excited.  My kids wanted me to open it right then and there, but, I had to wait for my husband, since he is on this blogging journey with me, and he was equally as excited that I had qualified for a Sodastream! 

After we open the box, I was simply amazed at all the items that were included.  We were sent a huge variety of flavors, both diet and regular and lots of individual servings of flavors.  We also received a box of flavors specifically for selser type beverages.  My husband loved those and we are currently out of them. 

The Sodastream was very easy to assemble.  The only assembly that was required was to attach the carbonation bottle.  After the carbonation bottle is attached, it is time to make some SODA!  You securely screw the 1 liter bottle onto the front of the machine, press the button for carbonation, remove the bottle and then slowly add the required flavoring and there ya go... SODA! 

The first morning that we tried it, we loved it!  I tried the individual energy drink first.  Then, I loaded everything up, flavors and machine and headed out to the flea market for 'work'.  I had to take it with me!  We stopped at Walmart before arriving at the flea market, we picked up another energy bottle and two more reusable liter bottles. 

I was in awe over the amount and variety of flavors for the Sodastream!  There is everything from Cola, diet, and caffeine free to Country Time Lemonade, and everything in between.  I wanted to buy, buy, buy, but, my husband reminded me that I still had more than ten flavors to try.  :)

I easily set my Sodastream up at the flea market and used it all that weekend, and every weekend since.  I bring it back and forth and both my husband and I use it everyday!  A few weeks ago,  I finally had to put a sign on my Sodastream saying 'Not for sale' as so many people were asking about it. 

I have had sooo many people ask me about the machine, as they wandered about in my flea market booth and noticed it.  Most everyone had seen or heard about it on TV, and everyone asked how I liked it.  I was able to enthusiastically tell them that I love it, and how easy it is to use.  I also mention how much money we have saved using the Sodastream!  Most days, I was spending about $5.00 on two energy drinks.  (yes, I know they are bad for you, but, I  don't drink coffee)  Now, for less than $6.00 I get 12 liters!  Massive savings! 

 In addition, as much and as often as our machine is used, we have yet to need to refill the carbonation bottle.  When we do, I know there is a location near us that will refill the bottles, or I can simply purchase an additional carbonation bottle so we never have to be without soda.   

Some of my other favorites are the Diet Pink Grapefruit and Cola Free.  I am one that drinks diet drinks because I like the taste.  The line of Sodastream products that are diet or low in sugar/calories are amazing.  I am hooked. 

You can purchase a Sodastream at Walmart, Target, JC Penny,
Sears and so many more places.  Click HERE to find a location near you. 

Also, make sure you visit to learn more or purchase directly from their website.  You too will love your Sodastream for the flavor, convenience and savings!  Enjoy! 



We buy the flavors at Kohls!