Thursday, March 8, 2012

My week

Thursday, March 8, 2012

So, last week, I finally got around to getting the (my) bike in the shop for a couple of needed repairs.  I was so excited to have it back, since the weather is great right now. 

On Friday, I picked the bike up from the Harley dealer, and my son from motorcycle class.  We took him to the DMV for the proper endorsements.  I really am proud of him.  My son has been riding dirt bikes for a long time, and I felt like riding a bike would be a lot easier as opposed to his friends aren't in the car distracting him, the radio and phone aren't distracting him, etc. 

Anyway, I went down to my Monday Webster trip and on the way home, about 75 miles away, my son calls saying that he fell off the bike/had an accident.  My husband left work to be with him, even though he works 35 miles away.  I told my son to go via ambulance to the hospital, since he was complaining of his lower leg pain.  However, my inlaws, who I didn't want to call and worry, happened to be driving by after the accident and stopped.  They put him in their truck and took him to the hospital, where later he was diagnosed with a broken ankle.  :(

Tuesday, my bike went back to the Harley dealer, insurance all got taken care of and now today I am off to take my son to the orthopedic doctor................thus the decrease in posts this week. 

I hope next week will be much calmer.