Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Sunday?

Sunday, November 6, 2011
I usually don't blog on the weekends, because I actually 'work' on the weekends at the flea market.  However this weekend took a really twisted turn.  On Saturday, as I was trying to gather more product and my husband was manning our booth, we received a call that our big dog was out.  My hubby went home to bring the big dog home and realized something in the house was 'off'.  To make a long story short, our house was broken into on Saturday am, between 6:15 am and 8:30 am.  We believe it was someone that knew our routine and when we would be gone.  Although we suffered about a $6000.00 loss, and that will be replaced via the homeowners insurance, the peace of mind and invasion of privacy will never be replace.  It is a really terrible feeling to be violated when someone not only enters your home, but your room, bedroom and closets.  We are trying to rest tonight after a very restless night last night.  Note.... always know your kids friends and make sure you know someone before you let them into your home.  Also, I am now a firm believer in alarm systems and pepper spray!!  Thanks for letting me vent!



Sorry that happened. Something similar happened to me, only it was my car. Want to read about it? Go here:

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Sorry that happened. Same thing happened to my next door neighbor. When they were on Vaca their teen son's friends broke into thier house. I caught them, because I was feeding their pets for them and saw the lights on. They ran out the back yard. Then 2 weeks later our house got broken into. Our dog was roaming the streets, also during the day. I got home to a ransacked home! All of our doors open and a guy jumping our fence running away! SERIOUSLY, it was unreal!! I didn't sleep for 2 weeks! My husband taught me to use a gun, he is retired military so we have lots of guns. I knew I would never use one, so I was still freaking out! I'm petite (like barely 5'2") so the gun would've knocked me down probably LOL. I have mace but don't know if I couldve used it properly if I am freaking out at the time. So long story long, we got a VERY BIG, VERY MEAN DOG! We drove up to LA and got a 120 pound Rottweiller/German Shepard Mix. He was about 6 months old and was too big for his old family, because they had toddlers. He is a teddy bear to us but HATES strangers, he snarls and drools, the whole nine yards! It really was love at first site. A few days after we got him and him and I got to know each other I started sleeping all night and now, 3 years later I am NEVER afraid at home. He is my bestie.
Perhaps people thought I was overreacting but until it happens to you, you have NO idea! So sorry that happened friend. Hope you find that thing that helps you find peace of mind again. :-)


Terrifying! Glad that the loss was relatively minor and replaceable--and that no one was home to be hurt by the bad guys.


Thanks so much for all the support. Today has been spent running around getting serial numbers and realizing that I will be more organized when it comes to paperwork. :)