Thursday, September 29, 2011

Putting a little Missoni in my home.

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Guest post written by Stacy Roper

OK, so I know that the Target version of Missoni isn't like the real deal designer stuff. But, I still went crazy for it like apparently everyone else in America. But I went by the store before work the morning that it came out so I was able to snag some of the home stuff before it all sold out! Well, one of the things that I bought was this really cute and colorful area rug. I thought that it was so adorable and exactly fit my personality.

But I also made sure to buy some other things that would kind of match it so it wouldn't be a whole bunch of clashing zig zag patterns. While I was online trying to figure out a few non-Missoni for Target pieces, I ran across the site I was thinking about getting some new windows in my home anyway, so I showed them to my husband and decided that we would just use the site to get our windows replaced. Better sooner than later!

I was so excited to get my Missoni zig zag rug and it really is looking so cute! Once I get the rest of the decorating done, I'm just going to want to stay in that room.