Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free Coffee Mug From Coffee Mate!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
I am a COFFEE-MATE Brew Crew member and I just “liked” the COFFEE-MATE Natural Bliss Facebook page. Be the first three of my friends to also like the page and reply back to this post confirming that you have done so by exclaiming your excitement to try the new COFFEE-MATE Natural Bliss products and you will receive a free COFFEE-MATE Mug!”

Coffee Mate has a new product Natural Bliss!   Coffee Mate has launched a Facebook page dedicated to the COFFEE-MATE Natural Bliss products. It is time to get involved in the action and mingle on their new Facebook page!

I want you all to get involved with  COFFEE-MATE Natural Bliss Facebook page, like them, and the first three friends that let me know, will receive COFFEE-MATE Mug!  Yes, it is that easy!

So HURRY and be one of the first three!