Looking for a way to save a little money on back to school purchases? Starting at 12:01 a.m. on August 12th until midnight on August 14, 2011, the Florida Department of Revenue is offering a three day, tax free shopping spree on selected articles of clothing, wallets, backpacks and much more.
Included in the list will be:
  • Clothing and related items with a sales price of $75 or less,
  • School supplies with a sales price of $15 or less.
The tax savings is only for individual exempt items priced $75 or less. This means that a jacket priced at $80 is not tax exempt, but the purchase of 2 jackets priced at $70 each, are tax exempt. Selected school supplies priced $15 or less are tax exempt. There are no restrictions on the number of eligible items you purchase at one time or during the tax exemption period. this year, books are NOT exempt from tax during the 2011 sales tax holiday.
  • Coupons & Rebates Gift Certificates
  • Rain checks
  • Layaways
  • Returns
  • Mail Order
  • Internet Sales
The exemption does not apply to sales from the following locations:
  • Theme parks
  • Public lodging establishments
  • Airports
The Florida Department of Revenue site offers additional information.