Monday, April 25, 2011

TheraBreath Review! No more bad breath!

Monday, April 25, 2011
TheraBreath toothpaste, oral rinse and lozenges review!

A while back, I was sent three products from TheraBreath to use and review.  I received the oral rinse, toothpaste and lozenges.  However, with all the new babies, my son's injury, travels out of town and the flea market, I did not review this right away.

The good news is that I have had much longer to use the products! 

First a little about TheraBreaths beginning... TheraBreath was created by Dr. Harold Katz to help his own daughter to conquer her own bad breath problem, because there was nothing else on the market that worked.  TheraBreath offers a guarantee that it will be the most effective oral care product you have ever used and if for any reason, you're not completely satisfied, then you will be eligible for a refund.

Since I have been using these for a little while now, I have developed a routine of sorts.  In the morning, as recommended, the oral rinse is first.  I simply remove the dosage cup, fill it to the mark and rinse mouth for 1 full minute.  30 seconds of gargling with another full cup comes next, because the throat is a major source of bad breath.  Although the oral rinse alone makes my mouth feel clean, germ free and moist, I follow up with the TheraBreath toothpaste.

I think that the toothpaste has become my favorite, and I will definitely continue to use it after this tube is gone, which it almost is.  I will admit, there have been some mornings when I skipped the oral rinse and went straight to the toothpaste.  I really like that there is little or very mild flavoring.  Often times when brushing with regular toothpaste, the flavoring upsets my stomach.  The TheraBreath toothpaste left my mouth clean, refreshed and I felt confident that my breath was pleasant, and no upset stomach.

Both the TheraBreath toothpaste and oral rinse work instantly.  They both have a 24 hour confidence guarantee.  Which sure makes you feel good!  The oral rinse does not contain alcohol and is non burning, whereas the toothpaste contains aloa vera for healthy gums and there is no sodium lauryl sulfate. 

On occasion, when I am out and about, I carry with my the TheraBreath mouth wetting fresh breath lozenges.  They are especially handy since I love to eat onions and garlic!  I also keep them on hand, because some of the medicine that I take, gives me really dry mouth, and these lozenges really help eliminate that.

You can purchase Therabreath at CVS,  (I personally looked for it yesterday when I was there!) 
Walgreens, Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Rite Aid and TheraBreaths website HERE.

Right now they have an online special going on...  Save $2.00 on any tube of toothpaste when you enter code B-SAVE2.

You can learn more about TheraBreath on their Facebook Page HERE.
or Twitter, HERE  or TheraBreath's website HERE