Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CVS: Buy 1 Get 5 Free Candy Bars!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
This one is a lot of fun! If you are new to couponing it might take a minute to wrap your brain around how this deal works… if it gives you a headache, thats o.k. it gave me one for a minute while I had to think about it!
CVS has Mars or Nestle Singles on sale this week Buy 2 Get One FREE. If you have your Red Plum insert (from the Sunday Paper) on 9-26, there were B1G1 (Buy one get one ) free coupons for the candy, you can get 5 free candy bars! Thanks My Litter!

Here is how:
Grab 6 candy bars and hand over your CVS card. Next, hand over 3 of the B1G1 coupons from the Red Plum. Now the register will take off 2 candy bar prices (that is their sale) and the coupons will take off 3 more. Leaving you to pay for one candy bar