Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free Pringles Extreme UPDATE:

Thursday, September 16, 2010
Learning, Learning, Learning....  Sorry!

UPDATE:I have had my head in every location but on my blog or in my email or anywhere online today. While I was working on the $1 or less post today and taking care fo the grand baby, it appears that this deal with the Pringles turns out to be a SCAM. First of all, apologies that this one slid through. I did a little digging just now and here is what I found:
To remove this application:
  1. Once in your Facebook account, go to “Account”
  2. Click on “Application Settings”
  3. Find “Pringles Extreme” in your list and click the “x” button to remove it.
  4. Click “OK” when it asks you to verify
This may be the real thing, yet after I signed up for this early today, I went back later tonight to uninstall their application from my Facebook account and I found something odd that it now seems many others are also finding – That this Application was Developed by a man named Karthikeyan Gnanamurthy and when you go to the REAL Pringles page on Facebook, there is NO Tab at the Top about this Freebie Giveaway NOR do they have posted any info on this at all that I could find.
Other people have also been questioning if this is REAL or NOT and leaving Posts on the REAL Pringles FB page asking for a reply and Pringles has not yet responded to anyone that I have seen on this Freebie. Only sharing this info to proceed carefully on on this. Let’s all hope they just paid this guy to create this special sign up application and he linked his name and personal info to the application for other reasons. Hoping for the best on this.